One guy dancing with two girls (or any other combination really) has been around in Modern Jive since at least the early 1990’s (yep – way back last century) but over the years its popularity has ebbed and flowed. Recently we’ve seen a resurgence of its popularity so we’re keeping it in our competition in 2016.

Fast paced Competition
The style of competition will be a fast-paced, cut-throat competition with judges selecting a variety of triples they want to see perform again in the semi-final and final.
The top ‘triples’ will compete in the final on the Sunday evening.

Open – any combination of three people dancing together.

Whilst ‘triples’ will be judged on the overall entertainment value, the focus will still be on good dancing including timing, teamwork and technique.

Baby aerials are allowed .
Full aerials are limited to one per song.