COMPETITORS – Must read:

It’s going to be a sensational weekender with nearly 200 people attending IGNITE.
We’ve got a massive number of competitors now registered and all online competitor registrations are now closed.
If you have missed the registration date but still want to compete, your registration is now subject to a late fee of $30 and will only be accepted if there are places available in your level/category.

ALL competitor enquiries regarding QMJC registrations (including any changes to your current registration), must now be via email to only.

There is a PDF list of all competitors and their levels/categories of competition here for you to check.
Please check the date on the file so you know when it was updated to reflect the latest information.
See the Competitors’ PDF file page.

Social, Workshop & Spectator Tickets to Ignite are still available as per below.


PACKAGES – Gold, Silver or Bronze Level

No events available...



À LA CARTE and EXTRAS MENU Visit Gold Coast Tourism - This pic from their informative site.



Choose 3 or 6 out of the 9 on offer.
Our 3 new workshops for newer dancers will run simultaneously with the 3 most difficult workshops taught by our Pros for the Ignite weekender.

Event Venue Date



Event Venue Date


Ignite Socials and/or SPECATORS at the QMJC

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Ignite logo.

Event Venue Date