Tech Rehearsals
Like last year, the tech runs will be in a quick run format where you will be in the Ballroom at the same time as other perform rather than gathering and waiting outside until your turn. Each showcase and team will have 5 mins on the main floor with your music.   You will run in order of event.  There is the option to open the Ballroom early on Sunday morning for those wanting to have another run through.

Showcase performers meet in the Foyer at 12:20pm unless you are in the workshop.
The workshops will finish at 12:30pm and you will be asked to come into the Ballroom where the doors will then be closed until 1:00pm.

Team performers meet in the Foyer at 1:00pm.   You will be let into the Ballroom after the Showcase tech runs.

The order and times will be posted in the Facebook group.

For your reference, the rehearsal times are here and this is also the order of performance on the night.


1 12:35 Tom Campell & Sarah Mitchell
2 12:40 Nathan Sawley & Chelsea Leith
3 12:45 David Mun & Catherine Azzopardi
4 12:50 Nathan Walsh & Reasmey Tith
5 12:55 Ethan Brown & Nikita Brown
6 13:00 Rowan Marshall & Beata Khaidurova



1 13:05 Le Step BNE (Katie Cooling)
2 13:10 Move Your Body GC (Jason Sullivan)
3 13:15 CMJ Sydney (Roslyn Hicks)
4 13:20 Le Step GC (Matthew Fairburn)


Warm It Up – WEDNESDAY  16/08/17
Guest Teachers -Intermediate Class
Emma Priest (Melbourne)
Matt Fairburn (Le Step Gold Coast)
+ Extended Freestyle 7:30 – 11:00
West End Class – 71 Jane St  

Nikita & Ethan from NZ won our 2016 Showcase event and are teaching on the Friday night of Ignite 2017.

Spark the Fire  – FRIDAY  18/08/17

Mantra Guest Check-In at The Mantra On View from 2pm.
7:00 pm     Pre-Party – Drinks & Dancing
                       Competitor Check-In (Bib Allocation etc)
7:30 pm     Light it up with the “Ignite Special”
8:30 pm     Freestyle/Social Dancing
                       Weekend Passes or $25 at the door.
                      New “First Time” Competitors Meeting (8:30pm)
                      Join us for an info session on what to expect & what you need to know.
9:15 pm     Intermediate Class with Guest Teachers  – Nikita & Ethan from NZ  

10:00 pm   Ignite Teacher Freestyle Demo & Pro Performances

Let it Ignite!  SATURDAY  19/08/17
09:00         Workshop 1 – CHASING TAILS (INT/ADV Level)
                       Moves for working around your partner and keeping it close (Dan & Deb – NZ)
10:15           Workshop 2 – PARTNERS IN TIME (INT/ADV Level)
                       You’re a team on the floor so get it together and understand the importance of timing.
                       This goes for EVERYONE – social & competitive dancers. (Emma & Zac – GC)
                      Workshop 3 – NOT SO BASIC BASICS (Beginner & Intermediate Level)
                       Designed to ensure newer dancers understand the fundamentals whilst styling things up to look like a pro. (Matt Fairburn & Alana Muir – GC)
11:30           Workshop 4 – PLAN B – EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED (INT/ADV Level)
                       Things don’t always go to plan, but if we adapt and work with our partners we can turn “failed” plans into magical moments. (Dan & Deb – NZ)

12:30            Tech Runs (Showcase & Teams)
                      Lunch Break


13:30            Judges’ Meeting (Please arrive at 13:20)
Meeting in the ‘Green Room’. Our crew will direct you.

Times will be adjusted as required once nominations are received.
14:00  DWAS Heats

16:30  Pro-Am Heats
18:30  Swaps & Steals  (Heats To Final)
19:30   Dinner Break
20:30  Performance – 2017 Showcase by Emma & Zac
20:45  Over 45s Freestyle Heats
21:00   Triples  (Heats To Final)
21:30  Reverse Role (Heats To Final)
22:00  Social – Dance Party

Burn it Up!  – SUNDAY 20/08/17
09:00          Workshop 5  – DANCE REVOLUTION (INT/ADV Level)
                       The art of powerful, controlled spinning within leadable movements. The how, why, when and where of revolutions for effect. (Emma & Zac – GC)
10:15             Workshop 6 – WHAT YOUR PARTNER WANTS (Beginner & Intermediate Level)
Be the dancer everyone wants to dance with.
                       Learn more about what your partner needs and how to be generous on the dance floor. (Mick French Katie Cooling – BNE)
                     Workshop 7 – MUSIC TO MY EYES (INT/ADV Level)
                       Reflect the music and dance with the song. Looking at how we approach movement for different types of music. (Dan & Deb NZ)
11:30           Workshop 8 – XCITE  (INT/ADV Level)
This workshop is for dancers with a sense of adventure & the willingness to go for it – knowing that it’s a calculated risk!
                       Understand how & when to trick it up. (Emma & Zac – GC)
                       Workshop 9 – WOW THEM ALL (Beginner & Intermediate Level)
Dips and drops add that wow factor to your dancing.
                       These dips and drops are easy to learn but eye-capturing. (Julia Fifoot & Grant Luck – BNE)

12:30    Lunch Break

Times will be adjusted as required once nominations are received.
13:30  Freestyle Heats
15:30  Over 45s Finals
16:00  Pro-Am Finals
16:30  DWAS Finals
17:30   Dinner Break
18:30  Freestyle Finals
19:30  Showcase
20:30  Teams
21:30  Awards Ceremony
22:00  Social – Big Ass Dance Party…till 2am!!


Sizzle – MONDAY  21/08/17
Social Day – Chill-out in Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast.


Douse the fire!

As we have not limited the number of competitors at the QMJC, this schedule may be adjusted during the course of each day. Please note that the times listed on the schedule are a guide and we recommend you remain in the Ballroom before and after your events where the MCs will be announcing frequently what will be coming up and any changes to the schedule.