Hi competitors!

Please take the time to have a read.

Not all competitions have the same format (or rules) and we have quite a few exciting as part of IGNITE.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed at the QMJC, but knowing in advance what’s happening at the QMJC will make it a  much more enjoyable event for you.

Good luck.
Mick French & Emma Keating
Event Directors



Recording the QMJC

We welcome the use of still-shot cameras and video cameras (mobile phone recording etc) for the entire event.

Still shots are ok.

Security of valuables

DO NOT leave valuables unattended anywhere in the venue.
Le Step accepts no responsibility for loss or theft of your possessions.


Only water (with a secured lid) and food purchased at the venue or similar style of food (e.g. not chewing gum) are permitted in the auditorium.
For those of you who need to kick-start your mornings, you’ll be happy to know that there is an on-site coffee shop!
There are lots of cafes, restaurants and takeaway places just a short walk of the auditorium.

Champions Freestyle

Warm Up &
Rehearsal Times

Please see the general warm-up & rehearsal times listed on the IGNITE schedule page.

Competitors should make the most of the freestyle dance/warm-up time prior to the start of the competition to ensure they are suitably warmed up.
Competitors must also ensure they are suitably warmed up immediately prior to their event/s.

Bris Team 2010

Bris Team 2010


Showcase & Teams

Your allocated time slot for your Showcase (Cabaret) and/or Team rehearsal will be emailed closer the event.

After the public draw for the running order, we will then do our best to accommodate, by negotiation, the necessary changes to allow for costume changes etc and notify dancers of the running order via email.

Dance Floor Size

Approx 20m x 10m.