Modern Jive Showcase & Team Challenge  

“Modern Jive Showcase” and “Modern Jive Team Challenge” is all about entertaining the audience with a showcase of Modern Jive.

Showcase & Team Challenge are part of the “Modern Jive Competition” (not a general dance competition) and emphasis should be placed on dancing good identifiable Modern Jive with good techniques, teamwork & timing. Modern Jive Showcase and Team performances that do not represent Modern Jive will be judged accordingly.

Judging Criteria – What the judges are looking for?

Dance Floor Size

The dance floor area (parquetry floor)  will be approximately 20m wide and 10m deep. 200sqm.

Please keep this in mind when preparing large team events.

Performance & Music

2.5min minimum up to 4min. Avoid going over 4min. Timing starts when then act commences.
Competitors may NOT reserve songs for their Showcase or Team performance/s.


  • Your music must be sent by email to
  • If possible, you should provide a ‘winner’s fade’ in the hope that you will receive a place. If unsure about this you should discuss a ‘winner’s fade’ with the director of Le Step.
  • It is your responsibility to bring a back-up of the music (eg on iPod) with you to the danceChamps.
  • A copy of your performance music MUST be received no later than the date of registration closing.
    Friday 3rd August 2018.
    Early-birds appreciated!
  • You must deliver your music to a Gold Coast class or send your music to Emma Keating.
Modern Jive Showcase Rehearsals

Rehearsals will be after the Ignite Workshops on Saturday.
Allocated times will be sent out once all entries have been received.

Modern Jive Team Challenge Rehearsals  

To assist with setting lights we ask that one head couple or coach from each team joins us on Saturday afternoon during the showcase rehearsal time.
The exact times will be sent out once all entries have been received.

The full team rehearsals will be after the Ignite Workshops on Sunday.
Again, exact times will be sent out closer the date.

The schedule for rehearsal and the running order at the event will be drawn randomly and publicly at our Holland Park class on Monday 6th August 2018. We will then do our best to accommodate by negotiation the necessary changes due to eg costume changes and notify dancers of the running order via email.

Advance notice: Heats for Showcase & Teams

  • As Australian Modern Jive competitions continue to grow there will be a need for Showcase/Team heats.
  • Our policy at this time is, (subject to receiving the nomination form prior to the close of nominations), to guarantee one place per Dance Company for both Showcase & Teams. After that, it’s an open first-first-come-first-served until all positions are filled.


  • Modern Jive Showcase couples and Team leaders will be notified via e-mail of your rehearsal time and order of events for the evening.
  • Where practical, the rehearsal order will be as per the draw for the evening.
    • Your rehearsal is really for the benefit of the sound and lighting technicians – not you.
    • However, it will also provide you with an opportunity to have a ‘one-off’ practise before performing it in the competition.


  • It is in your best interests to keep your lighting requirements simple and provide an outline of your requested lighting requirements when you submit your music.
  • No group will be unfairly advantaged by being provided access to the sound and lighting people/system prior to the day of the event.